Suffering from Teeth Problem ? Dont Worry ! Here comes SRDH !

We all have been suffering from dental problem for long days. This happens mostly on winter season and also when we drink some cooling water or some other. This affect to your teeth and start irritating. For this you no need take any home remedies the best way to cure your problem is, yu have to concern the best Dental Clinic.


SR Dental Hospital is one of the Best Dental Hospital In Chennai. They have been very popular in root canal treatment, Famous dentist Dr.Thiruppathy was founder of SRDH. He is a successful man who has been undergone 7000 surgery successfully. They also do various treatments like  Fixed Restoration,Orthodontic treatment,Root canal Treatment,Dental Implant. So for best treatment contact SR Dental Hospital.



Contact Us

Sri Ragavendrar Dental Hospital

No. 13A1, IOB Colony, 1st Main Road,

Camp Road, Selaiyur, Chennai.

044 22293386



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